The Museums are very proud to offer the Schools Program, a leading part of our Museum education programs. Education is a top priority in the Museums’ Strategic Plan, and our commitment is to strengthen education for all students 4th through 11th grade in the US. We have been developing strategic and tactical plans for the Schools Program and building important alliances with key organizations for more than two years. The Program engages and explores the wonders of the STEM world through special educational programs for 4th through 11th grade students throughout the US. The Schools Program is something very new to encounter, something fresh, and expands our understanding of our world. The Schools Program is a four-part standards-based Museum education program. These unique educational experiences emphasize science literacy and begin with first introductory courses for students. Second, the Program continues with more advanced courses. Third, students can next experience inquiry-based guided webinars. Fourth, students can engage in maker activities with visiting scientists and engineers, exploring science concepts through hands-on activities, reviewing concepts and vocabulary as they reflect on the Museums’ courses experiences. The entire Schools Program actively engages students and teachers through inquiry-based activities connected to current Common Core Standards. The Program offers choices from a range of STEM class courses, all of which are carefully selected to adhere to current standards, and focus students’ excitement into learning astronomy and electronics science. The Museums offer a diverse set of courses designed to challenge students to think critically about a wide range of STEM topics, starting with learning the basics of electronics and astronomy.